Collaboration with “Man Up” TV series

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From the week of the 20th – 27th of November, 2016, TLOO is partnering with ABC’s “Man Up” Tv series to bring you stories of mental health from the men of Australia.

What is the Man Up Tv series?


“Man Up is a 3 x 1 hr TV series that was principally funded by the Movember Foundation. The series aired on ABC TV and is now available to watch at

The stereotypical Aussie man is strong, stoic and tough as nails. He laughs in the face of fear; and if life ever gets him down he drinks a cup of concrete and hardens the fuck up. But with male suicide rates three times that of women, it appears the pressure to harden up may be making some men crack.  Enter Gus Worland, co-host of the Sydney Triple M Grill team and unofficial bloke expert. He’s not a shrink, but he talks, and listens, to men everyday for a living; and he genuinely cares about their welfare. A few years back Gus’ was devastated by the loss of a close mate to suicide. Now Gus in on a mission to find out what it really means to be a man today and how the average Aussie bloke is actually faring”

Watch the trailer here



Real Aussie Blokes

As part of the Man Up tv series, “Real Aussie Blokes” tells real life stories of what it is to be an Aussie man. At, Aussie men promote vulnerability by providing insight into their experiences.


TLOO and male mental health

The Lives of Others has long been engaged in discussing male mental health issues. To see an article written by TLOO’s team, check out “Homer”, a mental health magazine for males by clicking here


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