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What is ‘It gets brighter’

It Gets Brighter is an organisation based in the U.K. working to provide a messages of hope for those living with mental health issues. It invites those who live with a mental illness, as well as their family and friends, to share their experiences in short videos and upload them online. It Gets Brighter aims to build a community of support, letting those who are suffering know that they are not alone and that it can — and will — get brighter.

It Gets Brighter already has over 100 videos uploaded from around the world. Partnering with mental health organisations in the U.K., Australia, China, the U.S., Canada, and South Africa, It Gets Brighter is a truly global endeavor, emphasising that mental health is universal and not limited to any one country or demographic.

Why is ‘It gets brighter’ important?

When hopelessness is high, mental health concerns are often perpetuated. The individual can wonder “what’s the point?”. IF you find yourself wondering “what’s the point” it can be hard to do anything let alone make it really difficult for anyone to motivate themselves to go through the processes necessary to heal.

In addition to this, too many people living with mental illness suffer in silence. Although struggling with mental health difficulties is common, people don’t always feel comfortable opening up and seeking the help they need. It is difficult to find hope, when talking about mental health is still a hard thing to do.

At the same time, so many people have both experienced difficulty with their mental health, and overcome their difficulties. Those still suffering can benefit from messages of hope from those who have already experienced the suffering. Indeed, everyone’s suffering if unique, and yet there is something we all can gain from feeding off the brightness of others.

Some of It gets brighter’s top picks

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To join the It Gets Brighter movement and share your story, go to the website and follow the instructions to upload a video.

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