About us

Many people in the mental health advocacy space are saying that it is important to raise awareness about mental health and to reduce stigma. One powerful way to achieve this is through providing a platform by which the lived experiences of people who have encountered struggles with their mental health can be heard.

Who are we?

The Lives of Others (TLOO) hopes to be a platform that allows people to represent their experiences with mental health in an honest, safe and nurturing environment. We want people to share their story in their own words, not in the words of health professionals and academics. Whether it is through reading, sharing, or posting, each of you are participating in changing the way we see mental health.

What do we want to achieve?

TLOO aspires to take away some of the mystery and isolation associated with mental health. Mental health experiences have been stigmatised for too long. Mental health is often treated as a problem that exists only within an individual person. This needs to change! There is nothing wrong with you for struggling with your mental health. There is something wrong with a society that stigmatizes individual suffering. If you feel lonely in your experience, we hope that by reading other people’s stories you feel less lonely. If you’re feeling like you’re not sure how to be vulnerable, we want to make this easier for you. We also want to make it easier for the community at large to empathise with your experience. By sharing about the lived experiences of mental health, we hope to create an honest, open discourse around mental health.

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Collaboration with Australia’s Next Top Models

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Jarrod White


Jarrod is the co-founder of The Lives of Others. He is a clinical psychologist based in Melbourne, Australia. He completed his doctoral thesis on trauma, cross-cultural and refugee mental health. Jarrod loves social psychology and trying to understand how mental health evolves as a by-product of social norms. Jarrod currently works at The Mind Room and The Melbourne DBT centre.

Jessica Slonim


Jessica is the co-founder of The Lives of Others. She is a psychologist currently based in the Northern Territory of Australia, working with children and young people. Her past research projects have looked at mindfulness and psychological distress, as well as exploring the impact of gender socialisation on coping behaviours. She is particularly passionate about youth mental health and Aboriginal mental health.

Cody Tonkin

General Manager

Cody is the General Manager of The Lives of Others. She has completed her Post-graduate studies in Psychology and her thesis focused on the effects that social media have on women’s body image. Cody takes a particular interest in psychosis and personality disorders and has been working as a mental health worker in Melbourne, Australia, for the past year.